GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping solution ensures a leak-free and durable piping system even for the most demanding operating environment.

Non-Welded Piping for Land-Based

An excellent example of GS-Hydro’s piping systems value, strength and quality for different customers is its wide set of different applications. GS-Hydro’s piping system offers high durability and easy maintenance and modifications when needed with fast installations and short flushing times.

Ideal for Demanding Industries

GS-Hydro’s experience makes us an ideal partner for customers when engineering, installation, testing, flushing and other in-site services are needed. Some of the industries that benefit from our GS-Piping Systems are metals and mining, pulp and paper, recycling and testing to mention a few.

Numerous Applications

GS-Hydro's Piping Solutions are used extensively in different application in various industries. In addition to high pressure hydraulic systems GS-Piping Systems are ideal for low pressure applications with media such as water, oil, air, gas and mud.

Reliable Technology

All-in-all GS-Hydro’s piping systems offer both affordable investment costs and low cost of ownership over the whole period of use.

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