GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping solutions ensure a safe, clean and leak-free piping system for demanding offshore environments.

Benefits for Offshore

GS-Piping Systems offer numerous benefits for operators, engineers, offshore yards and equipment manufacturers. High quality, quick assembly, and no "hot works" allow for safe and cost effective installation compared to conventional welding. This is also why GS-Piping System is ideal for repair and maintenance work on oil and gas platforms.

Cost Savings throughout the System Lifetime

With GS-Piping Systems you get a lower total installed system cost and shorter installation time when compared to traditional welded systems. There is also lower flushing time and costs. The GS-Piping Systems require less repair and maintenance. When they are maintained, they require shorter down-time.

Efficient Installation through Prefabrication

The GS-Piping System is easy, fast and flexible to install. Prefabrication of the GS-Piping Systems can saves as much as 70% of the costly offshore installation. Thus the installation time and costs, as well as the overall costs are significantly lower when compared to a welded piping system. Prefabrication also ensures the high quality of the piping system.

Leak-Free Solutions

GS-Piping Systems ensures fewer interruptions in production. For instance, in hydraulic applications the inherent cleanliness of the GS-Piping System minimizes wear of equipment and the risk of any (cleanliness-related) operational problems is virtually non-existent. The superior cleanliness thus leads to a minimized need for maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment.

No Hot Works

All operations can be carried out “cold”, and can thus be performed in areas where there is a fire risk, without disruption to production. Due to the absence of welding, stress corrosion and fatigue fractures are completely avoided leading to a maximum piping lifetime. There is also no need for post-weld cleaning or costly inspections of the welds, such as X-raying. This also means that the GS-Piping System is environmentally friendly as no waste is created from acid cleaning.