GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping solution ensures a leak-free and durable piping system even for the most demanding operating environments.

Benefits for Industries & Utilities

GS-Hydro’s piping system offers high durability as well as easy maintenance and modifications in addition to fast installations and short flushing times. The leak-free piping connections ensure that production moves forward 24/7 even in the most demanding operating environments.

Superior Technology

GS-Hydro’s piping solutions are used by a number of different industries and utilities. Some of the industries that benefit from the superior GS-Piping Technology are pulp and paper, steel mills, recycling stations, sugar plants and testing systems, only to mention a few.

GS-Hydro’s experience and professional approach makes us an ideal partner for customers when non-welded piping products or services are needed.

Contact us at GS-Hydro and we will bring you the non-welded piping expertise you need.