3D Component Library

The GS-Hydro 3D Component Library covers a selection of the products featured in the GS-Hydro Product Catalogue.

Please see which CAD models are currently available from our Product Offering Catalog webpage.

The users can access the 3D Library via Internet and download the 3D models and assemblies in a suitable CAD format 24/7 around the globe. The service is free for all and visiting the site does not require registration.

However, if the users want to download something, they are required to register. To register the user must create a SolidComponents user account (not specific to GS-Hydro 3D Component Library). GS-Hydro doesn’t maintain these user accounts. Please turn to service provider for help, if you have any problems with your user account.

For a quick tutorial on how to use the GS-Hydro 3D Component Library please refer to the User Guide (PDF).

The available CAD formats are:

  • SolidWorks
  • Pro/E
  • Step
  • Iges
  • Sat
  • Parasolid

The 2D formats Dwg and Dxf are also available.

For further information or questions please contact 3dlibrary.