GS-Hydro offers both hose products and hose management services

Hoses & Hose Couplings

GS-Hydro Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings

GS-Hydro offers a comprehensive range of high pressure GS-Hydro Hoses and Couplings for hydraulic applications in the offshore, marine and other demanding industries. The GS-Hydro Hoses are offered in color coded groups based on working pressure that ranges from 3000 PSI to 6000 PSI. Additionally available are the 1SN and 2SN wire braid hoses. Read more in our Product Offering Catalog.

GS-Hydro also offers a full range of Hose Management Services including maintenance software in the GS-Smart Care service range.

Comprehensive range of hose products

In addition to the GS-Hydro Hoses and Couplings, GS-Hydro offers a comprehensive selection of other hoses & hose couplings, which include BSP, NPT, JIC, metric SAE 3000/6000 and GS-Retain Ring Flanges, for various applications. All hoses offered by GS-Hydro meet several industry standards and have the necessary type approvals from all major classification companies.