GS-Hydro offers a wide range of piping products for a complete non-welded piping system.

Multicore Tubes

GS-Hydro’s multicore tubes are used for pneumatic and hydraulic remote control, measuring and monitoring systems. In addition to the multicore tubes, GS-Hydro also supplies the necessary connection tools and accessories such as heat shrinkable products, tube joint fittings, tube cutter and bending tools as well as trays, supports and binding tape for installation.

The multicore tube consists of one to nine stainless steel, copper or copper-alloy tubes laid up spirally inside an extruded outer PVC sheath. For easy identification and protection purposes each individual tube is PVC sheathed in a different color. The extruded outer sheath is made of oil and seawater resistant, weatherproof, flame retardant, corrosion and acid resistant PVC.

The multicore tube (outer sheath) is continuously marked at every one meter throughout the entire length for easy installation. Heat shrinkable products provide complete water sealing, abrasion and corrosion protection under all conditions.

Technical data

Tube type

Bare tube
Sheathed single tube
Multicore tube


Stainless steel AISI 304/316/316L


Standard 100-300 m, up to 600 m
packed on a wooden drum

Tube diameter

6 - 15 mm (1/4” - 1/2”)

Tube wall thickness

0.5 - 2.0 mm

No. of tubes per bundle

1 - 9 (max. 9 core)

Outer sheath

PVC, black in color with marking

Individual tube sheath

PVC, color identification

All tubing products are certified by major classification agencies including DNV GL, ABS, LRS and BV etc. The multicore tubes are extensively tested, including, eddy current, tensile & hardness, hydro & air pressure, as well as air leak testing.