GS-Hydro has over 35 years of experience offering non-welded piping solutions and has become the most professional service company in the market. 

GS-Hydro Services

GS-Hydro has over 40 years of experience offering non-welded piping solutions for customers globally. Tens of thousands of successful installations have been accomplished during that time.

GS-Hydro can take full responsibility of project management and offer supervisor and installation services whenever needed. By doing this, we can secure successful on-time deliveries of complete piping systems wherever the piping project may take place.

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Professional service offering

GS-Hydro is able to offer its customers professional services ranging from state-of-the-art engineering to all needed services on-site. GS-Hydro can offer quality piping solutions as most of the component are prefabricated using automated machines. In addition, all of GS-Hydro’s technology innovations have relevant type approvals and certificates which can be included in the documentation package delivered to the customer.

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