Hose Management Services

GS-Hydro offers a three level service concept for hose management. In addition to a wide variety of hose products and hose assemblies, GS-Hydro offers GS-Care and GS-Smart Care services. GS-Care focuses on hose inspections while GS-Smart Care adds to this service level by providing a software to tag and monitor the hoses.

GS-Hydro’s hose management service concept includes three levels:

  • Level 1: Hose products and hose assemblies
  • Level 2: GS-Care service
  • Level 3: GS-Smart Care service

Level 1 comprises of a wide variety of hose related products such as GS-Hydro Hoses, hoses, fittings and hose assemblies.

Level 2 provides a service called GS-Care. It offers the full scope of hose related on-site services globally. Those services are: on-site survey, hose and coupling identification, hose condition inspection and written status report. The status report includes findings as well as recommendations to improve the safety of personnel, environment, equipment and the reliability of the hydraulic systems in general.

Level 3 enriches the hose management level 2 with the GS-Smart Care software and pro-active hose maintenance. It is the highest level GS-Hydro offers and it includes the full scope of services to reduce risks related to flexible hose assemblies. All hoses are tagged with RFID chips. The data is available online via computer or locally via handheld reader at any time. GS-Smart Care services include: on-site survey, software and system set up, introduction and training, preventive hose maintenance by time- and condition-based replacements, and short-term emergency replacements.

Please see our Hose Management Services brochure for more detailed information.

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For our GS-Smart Care customers - link to the GS-Smart Care system.