GS-Hydro History

GS-Hydro was founded in 1974 in Finland. GS-Hydro is the original provider and innovator of the non-welded flange connecting technology. We have since grown into an established and truly global non-welded piping solution provider.

Global Growth

GS-Hydro's first foreign subsidiary was established in Norway in 1982. When the oil industry in the North Sea expanded during the 1980's, the offshore industry became an increasingly important customer segment for GS-Hydro.

Later on, new subsidiaries were opened in different parts in Europe to serve customers in the metals & mining and pulp & paper industry as well as in the testing equipment industry. As the company grew, more subsidiaries were set up in North America, Asia and finally South America.

Today GS-Hydro has own operations in 14 countries. In addition to own operations we have partners in several of the markets where we do not have a GS-Hydro subsidiary.

For more information about GS-Hydro’s own operations see Who we are.