GS-Hydro products agency to Raiha Hydraulics in Finland

Raiha Hydraulics starts selling GS-Hydro products and piping systems in Finland, Russia and Baltic countries. GS-Hydro and Raiha have a contract, which gives Raiha exclusive right to sell GS-products in that area.

Raiha Hydraulics has a long history of delivering hydraulic services, hydraulic components and demanding hydraulic systems.

“To get Raiha Hydraulics as our partner in Finland is a big step for us. Raiha Hydraulics has good knowledge, long experience and it is a trustworthy company. Expanding cooperation to Russia and Baltic countries is also very interesting and it is part of our strategy”, tells Fabio Marasi, GS-Hydro CEO.

The turnover of the Raiha Hydraulics was EUR 6 million in 2017.