GS-Hydro Spain Signs Deal with Zamakona Yards

Deal includes hydraulic operations in the shipyard in the Canary Islands

Zamakona Yards is one of Spain's main shipbuilding and ship repair Groups. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry both in the Cantabric Sea and in the Canary Islands. Zamakona Yards consists of three shipyards, covering new build as well as repairs and refits. The shipyard which is located in the Canary Islands works mainly in repair and refit business. Previously the shipyard offered repair works to the marine and offshore sectors but did not include hydraulics. Now Zamakona Yards has signed an agreement with GS-Hydro Spain which enables Zamakona to offer the hydraulics operations in the Canary Islands through GS-Hydro. The agreement was signed in October 2014.

Now GS-Hydro has an office and workshop space for operations in the Canary Islands. GS-Hydro will support Zamakona Yards in their commercial actions to get repair works in the Islands and undertake hydraulic operations that Zamakona Yards offers from now on as part of their portfolio. GS-Hydro will have needed resources in the Canary Islands to be able to guarantee a quality service to Zamakona Yards and their customers.

On January 29th 2015 GS-Hydro participated in an event on the Islands which was opened by Mr. Luis Ibarra, President of Harbor Authorities. Afterwards Mr. Álvaro Garaygordóbil, Zamakona Yards CEO in Canary Islands, introduced GS-Hydro and explained the signature of the strategic alliance. GS-Hydro Spain Managing Director Pablo Moya made a presentation about GS-Hydro emphasizing that the deal is about creating value together with Zamakona Yards, making the harbor even more interesting and beneficial for its users.

From left to the right: Borja Garaygordóbil, Managing Director Zamakona Yards; Pablo Moya, Managing Director GS-Hydro Spain; Álvaro Garaygordóbil, CEO Zamakona Yards; Luis Ibarra, President of Harbor Authorities

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