What We Do

Piping Solutions

GS-Hydro is the original innovator and provider of the flange technology. It is in many ways superior to the traditional welded methods. For instance, the non-welded GS-Piping System is highly reliable due to the leak-free technology and inherent cleanliness.

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Hose Management

GS-Hydro provides comprehensive hose management services including software to track your hoses and plan maintenance.

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Wide Range of Industries

The leak-free GS-Piping solutions are preferred especially in the offshore, marine and certain land-based industries such as pulp and paper or steel industries just to name a few.

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Various Applications

GS-Hydro’s innovative non-welded piping technology and hose management solutions are ideal for a wide range of high and low pressure applications with media such as water, oil, air, gas and mud.