GS-Hydro Group

The GS-Hydro Group consists of 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries and GS-Hydro Corporation. Together with a global partner network we are able to support our customers all over the world.

GS-Hydro Group provides the combined benefits of an internationally established company with worldwide operations, high quality products and localized services. GS-Hydro employs over 600 piping specialists globally.


GS-Hydro's Corporate Headquarters and production facility are located in Finland. GS-Hydro produces the GS-flanges and other components needed for the non-welded GS-Piping System. In addition, GS-Hydro develops, designs and manufactures the machines required to construct the GS-Piping System.

GS-Hydro's Corporate Management is responsible for administration, business development, finance, sales support & marketing, IT and HR. The Corporation is also responsible for research and development (R&D).

Local Subsidiaries

GS-Hydro's subsidiaries are responsible for serving their customers within their region or country. Most have their own piping engineers, prefabrication capabilities and installation supervisors, project management and crew. In addition, all GS-Hydro's subsidiaries maintain a large stock of pipes, tubes and piping components.