GS-Hydro U.S. Inc.

GS-Hydro U.S. Inc. supplies complete, non-welded piping systems, prefabricated piping modules and separate piping components to its customers. GS-Hydro U.S. is known for its design/engineering expertise, advanced technical solutions and high quality.

In order to supplement its own technology and products and to ensure high quality deliveries, GS-Hydro U.S. uses several high quality pipe and piping component manufacturers such as Walterscheid, Stauff, MHA and Benteler, among others.

GS-Hydro U.S. Inc.’s main office, warehouse and prefabrication facility is located in Houston, Texas. Piping systems and component sales, as well as product support, are also carried out from the Houston office.

GS-Hydro U.S. was established in 1996 broadening the innovation of connecting high pressure piping without welding. Since then, GS-Hydro U.S. has established itself as a high quality piping system, piping modules and piping component supplier with the skills and capabilities to solve all customer piping related problems. GS-Hydro U.S. utilizes the latest 3D technology for design and engineering.

GS-Smart Care Hose Management

GS-Hydro U.S. is now offering GS-Smart Care hose management services. GS-Smart Care includes high quality hose materials and components that are approved by international classification societies. Hoses are fabricated, tested and cleaned only by trained and qualified personnel. In addition GS-Hydro offers software to track all hoses onboard and to develop preventive maintenance plans for the future.

Please contact GS-Hydro U.S. for more information on GS-Smart Care.

For our GS-Smart Care customers - link to the GS-Smart Care system.