GS-Hydro offers innovative non-welded piping solutions to cover a wide range of demanding applications.

Non-Welded Piping Technology

There are several industries and applications where traditional welded piping connections are either not ideal or outright impossible. The solution that GS-Hydro offers is the non-welded piping technology of which GS-Hydro is the original innovator and provider. This technology is based on flange connections to provide a durable leak-free high pressure piping system.

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GS-Hydro Recommendation

In hydraulic and other high and low pressure piping systems with high demands on quality, GS-Hydro recommends the use of non-welded connection technologies (fittings, flanges, etc.) due to their reliability and inherent cleanliness.

GS-Hydro recommends non-welded piping technologies for the following:

  • Hydraulic and other high and low pressure applications
  • Demanding industries and applications, especially offshore, marine and selected land-based industries
  • For all tube and pipe sizes
  • Seamless precision carbon steel tubes and pipes and/or austenitic stainless steel tubes and pipes depending on application
  • GS-Flange Systems for pipe diameters above and including 25 mm
  • Advanced Bite type (profile ring) and/or JIC 37° flare fittings (depending on specific application in question) for sizes below 25 mm