Bergen Group Fosen

Customer: Bergen Group Fosen
GS-Hydro solution: Low pressure non-welded piping solutions for cruise ferries and offshore vessel

Year: 2012
Segment: Marine

Bergen Group Fosen replaced welded low pressure piping systems with GS-Hydro’s non-welded technology. The shipyard has been a customer of GS-Hydro for many years. In March 2010 Bergen Group Fosen signed a contract with Fjord Line to build two new cruise ferries. The ships will be delivered in 2012. The yard also signed a contract with Volstad Maritime AS to build a large and modern offshore vessel, also to be delivered in 2012. The shipyard has decided to apply GS-90° Flare Flange system for low pressure systems in all of the three projects.

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GS-Solutions for Bergen Group Fosen

The municipality of Rissa in Norway is home for the modern international shipyard Bergen Group Fosen.  Bergen Group is a maritime industrial group with the main focus on the offshore industry and advanced specialized vessels. The shipyard that is today known as Bergen Group Fosen, was established in 1918 and has the last 20 years specialized in RoPax / passenger, cruise and offshore vessels. The shipyard was acquired by Bergen Group in 2008.

Each of the two Fjord Line vessels has deadweight of 3,900 tons and a total length of 170 meters. The cruise ferries will each offer 306 cabins and have a capacity of 600 personal vehicles or a smaller number in combination with larger trucks and cargo. The cruise ferries will offer restaurants, cafés, a duty free shop and well-equipped facilities for courses and conferences.  

The large and advanced OCV (Offshore Construction Vessel) which Volstad Maritime AS ordered has a length of 125 meters and a beam of 25 meters. The ship will fulfill the Clean Design-requirements for an environmentally optimized operation, and has a 1A Ice-classing. The ship is a ST-259 CD design from Skipsteknisk in Ålesund. Since 2005, Volstad Maritime AS has ordered all of their new buildings at Bergen Group Fosen. The shipping company has taken delivery of a total of five very advanced offshore vessels from the shipyard during this period.  This will be their first vessel built with GS-Hydro’s non-welded technology for the low pressure systems.

Replacement with non-welded technology

GS-Hydro in Norway supplied piping and related components (flanges, bolts and clamps) in co-operation with another subcontractor of Bergen Group Fosen, called LC Produksjon AS. A long-time partner of GS-Hydro, the engineering company is responsible for the pipe prefabrication for these projects. For this purpose, a Tubotron 170 CNC bending machine was ordered from GS-Hydro.

Bergen Group Fosen already has experience with GS-Hydro’s non-welded technology for high pressure systems. The reasons for applying this technology, even for low pressure installations, are many. First of all, there is the matter of costs. The time saved in man-hours when applying non-welded is estimated to give a total cost reduction of 20% on the piping installation (as compared to a welded system). Bergen Group Fosen has decided to change from low cost piping for low pressure systems to high quality cold drawn pipes. Due to the inherent quality of such pipes and a higher degree of cleanliness, all in all this will still be a more cost efficient solution.