Customer: Centro de Innovación Tecnológica de Automoción de Navarra (CITEAN)
GS-Hydro solution: Design, prefabrication and assembly of hydraulic piping solution to test laboratories
Year: 2004
Segment: Industries & Utilities

GS-Piping Systems are an optimal solution for high-performance hydraulic testing systems used in the automotive industry. GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping solutions were utilized in the test laboratory of Centro de Innovación Tecnológica de Automoción de Navarra (CITEAN).

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Automotive Testing Simulator

The CITEAN installation was sponsored by the Government of Navarra and private companies DANA and AP Amortiguadores. Within this test laboratory there are different testing units for cars and components, including a road simulator of two corners and twelve degrees of freedom, mounted on a seismic mass of 500 tons, able to excite the axles of an automobile from the signals taken in test tracks. This simulator allows to analyze and to predict the behavior of the vehicle and therefore to shorten the test times. There are also three seismic masses of 40 square meters each, hydraulic actuators and digital controllers.

GS-Hydro's non-welded piping for automotive testing simulator

CITEAN chose, in collaboration with MTS, GS-Hydro for the design, prefabrication and assembly of the hydraulic piping network that services all the test systems of the different laboratories. The pipes with the larger diameter ran by the installation ceiling which meant that in the development of this project, calculations relative to the vibrations in the supporting design were extremely important. GS-Hydro was able to provide a professional and reliable non-welded piping system that supported the specific needs of the customer.

This project included two of GS-Hydro’s joining technologies:

  • GS 37º Flare Flange System
  • GS Retain Ring Flange System

The main tube lines used were the following (diameter x wall thickness):

  • Pressure line: 150 x 15 mm
  • Return line: 165 x 5 mm