Danieli Breda

Customer: Danieli Breda
GS-Hydro solution: Multiple hydraulic piping solutions to forge and extrusion press installations
Year: 2008
Segment: Industries & Utilities

GS-Hydro has provided multiple non-welded piping systems to Danieli Breda’s forge and extrusion presses in several locations around the world. A forge press requires the application of considerable force. This level of controlled force is only achieved in practice through the transfer of power via hydraulic piping. In extrusion, there is a similar need for tremendous force to squeeze metal through a die into the desired shape.

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GS-Solutions for Danieli Breda

During 2008 GS-Hydro delivered multiple hydraulic piping systems to Danieli Breda’s forge and extrusion press installations, in Russia, Italy, Germany and Australia. Danieli Breda is a division of the Italian based Danieli Group, which is a world-leading supplier of turnkey forging presses rated up to an immense 100 MN of force. Danieli Breda specializes in the design and supply of extrusion presses and related production lines for the aluminium, brass and copper industries.

GS-Hydro has achieved the role of preferred supplier through the successful implantation of over ten forge projects. One of the largest projects of the past years was the installation of a new 30 MN forge press for a major steel mill modernization program in Russia. The specific press required a GS-System of over 3 kilometers of on-site hydraulic piping, weighing in at over 20 000 kilograms.

Metal forge and extrusion presses

GS-Hydro has earned the partnership projects based on the proven ability in turnkey project management and the ability to benefit from GS-Hydro’s worldwide network. The application experience covers both steel mills and aluminum extrusion presses. The large diameters of the hydraulic pipes, combined with the high maximum working pressure of 350 bar, made GS-Hydro non-welded connections a reliable choice. The reliable system is important, to avoid any costly malfunctions or equipment failures.

In addition, the numerous T-junctions in such complex systems make non-welded technology the only practical solution for assured cleanliness with on-site flushing. GS-Hydro was able to perform 100% on time delivery. The distance between pump and equipment can be only 30 meters; this means that there is a considerable amount of piping per square meter. On site this challenge can be solved with prefabricating the pipes. With cleanliness and leak-free operation assured, Danieli Breda can realize its customer promise of lower production and depreciation costs. GS-Hydro’s scope of supply has included spare parts to all of the systems installed as services.