Keppel Verolme FPSO

Customer: Keppel Verolme
GS-Hydro solution: Complete hydraulic non-welded piping solution for Sevan Marine's floating production storage and offloading facilities

Year: 2007
Segment: Offshore

GS-Hydro completed a delivery of complete non-welded hydraulic piping packages supplied to the world’s first cylindrical Floating Production Storage and Offloading facilities (FPSO’s). The end customer is Sevan Marine ASA, a Norway based company that constructs, owns and operates floating offshore installations. GS-Hydro was contracted through Keppel Verolme yard where the FPSO's were constructed.

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GS-Solutions preffered by Keppel Verolme

Sevan has been constructing the world’s first cylindrical FPSO at the Keppel Verolme yard in Rotterdam. The Sevan Piranema was completed early 2007, the Sevan Hummingbird late 2007 and the third vessel, the Sevan Voyageur, was completed in 2008. All three projects were assigned by Keppel Verolme BV to GS-Hydro. Keppel Verolme BV is part of Keppel Offshore and Marine Group which is specialized in the design and building of offshore rigs, conversion of FPSO / FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading), ship repair and specialized shipbuilding.


In FPSO’s, the extracted hydrocarbons are stored in tanks in the hull of the platform for later transport by shuttle tankers or pipeline to onshore refineries. FPSO vessels also have processing plants for hydrocarbons installed on deck for handling the oil, gas and water.  These vessels are designed for ultra-deep-water fields, where harsh conditions are best met by GS-Hydro’s high-pressure piping technology. The size of the project can be illustrated by the vessel capacity. Sevan Voyageur, for example, has an oil storage capacity of 300 000 barrels and an oil processing capacity of 30 000 barrels per day.

GS success factors

GS-Hydro has been a reliable business partner for Keppel Verolme during the years. With the specialization in hydraulic and other piping systems, GS-Hydro provides a more cost effective way to construct piping systems than welding. The GS-Piping System is easy, fast and flexible to install and due to these factors, can provide lower installation costs than welded piping systems. The system has proven to be both reliable and a leak-free piping solution with minimized risk for any potential operational problems. The superior cleanliness leads thus to less need to maintenance, repair of replacement of pumps, cylinders and other hydraulic system equipment.

For the latest Sevan Voyageur project, GS-Hydro delivered a complete service package consisting of detailed engineering and prefabrication enabling faster installation as well as components, installation, flushing, pressure testing and complete documentation.