Kooiman Group

Customer: Kooiman Group
GS-Hydro solution: Hydraulic piping solutions for dredging, loading and conveying equipment
Year: 2012
Segment: Marine

The Reimerswaal trailing suction hopper dredger reaches depths of up to 60 meters and it has a 48-meter-long swivel conveyer belt, as well as the traditional bucket wheel. GS-Hydro's delivery included hydraulic piping solutions for the dredging, loading and conveying equipment such as piping installation, testing and flushing.

Trailing suction hopper dredger

A trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) never rests. After sucking huge quantities of sand or gravel it needs to transport the material to the discharge area. Dynamic positioning systems enable the Reimerswaal to dredge from depths of up to 60 meters, with the material draining in its giant hoppers while on-route to the discharge area. Telescopic spud poles allow the Reimerswaal to moor independently of any quayside. Dry unloading can be achieved by using the vessel’s 48-meter-long swivel conveyer belt, as well as the traditional bucket wheel. Discharge through bottom doors or highpressure pumping as slurry via a bow coupling is also possible. For beach nourishment, the Reimerswaal has the power to rainbow-spray sand slurry with a range of 65 meters.

An environmentally-friendly piping solution

GS-Hydro was able to showcase its capabilities when the Kooiman Group shipyard selected GS-Hydro Benelux as the supplier for the project. A non-welded piping solution was desirable because it offers faster installation with consistent quality on the piping connections. Non-welded was well understood to be a more environment-friendly choice and cost-of-ownership analyses also promised cost-savings over the systems’ lifetime. The GS-Hydro team also took full responsibility for the installation of the piping, as well as for testing, flushing and commissioning of the hydraulic piping systems.