Pella Shipyard

Customer: Pella Shipyard
GS-Hydro solution: Hydraulic piping solution for Azimuth tugs and buoy tender boat
Year: 2011
Segment: Marine

GS-Hydro has delivered hydraulic and other piping systems for different types of port tugs. Pella Shipyard’s new generation tugs are successfully operating in main Russian and foreign harbors. Since 2003, GS-Hydro has been involved in almost every type of tug project being built in Shipyard Pella. Shipbuilding projects include Azimuth tugs with design that is intended for harbor, coastal and offshore towing and berthing. Some of the tugs operate with the possibility of escorting vessels above 60 000 tons of deadweight. Other tug models are intended for towing and pushing non-self-propelled vessels (barges), including oil barges with deadweight up to 5 000 tons, at inland waterways and in sea areas.

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GS-Hydro as a preferred supplier for Pella Shipyard

Shipyard Pella builds tugs for ports all around Russia as well as some foreign ports. Ports include: Primorsk and Ust-Luga located in the Gulf of Finland, Makhachkala in the Caspian Sea and many others. In 2008, GS-Hydro supplied piping systems for six further tugs for the Lithuanian port Klaipeda, and for Russian ports Norilsky Nickel Dudinka, Far-Eastern Vanino and North-Western Ust-Luga.

In 2011 GS-Hydro delivered piping solutions for Azimuth tugs (Projects 16609 and 90600) and for the buoy tender boat (Project P1760). The P 1760 buoy boat, equipped with crane and intended for installation, maintenance and removal of floating aids to navigation, was built for FSUE Rosmorport.

GS-Hydro success factors

For tug building the most important criteria is the reliability of operations in tough ice or other extreme conditions. The modern scope of equipment can only be assured by using world leading manufacturers at each stage of construction. GS-Hydro’s scope of supply includes: pipes, clamps, fittings, adaptors, hose assemblies, bulkheads and rubber compensators, for the following piping systems for tugs:

  • Hydraulic piping system of bow and aft deck winches
  • Hydraulic driven deck bow and stern crane piping system
  • Hydraulic and lubricating oil piping system
  • Compressed air piping system
  • Fuel piping system
  • Seawater piping system

GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping technology was chosen by Shipyard Pella due to its high quality, inherent cleanliness and for being the most cost effective alternative. The results clearly show that the cost of a complete, non-welded piping system is lower compared to a welded piping system, irrespective of the variations between different countries and typical requirements.