Titan-Class Ramform

Customer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Petroleum Geo-Services ASA
GS-Hydro solution: Comprehensive piping solutions for high-pressure water and air systems and winches on Titan-class Ramform offshore seismic exploration vessel
Year: 2012
Segment: Offshore

Ramform Titan is a unique vessel for offshore seismic exploration. It has an exceptionally broad after-deck (beam of 70 meters) for exploring the sub-surface for hidden oil and gas deposits. GS-Hydro provided piping solutions for it's high-pressure water and air systems and winches. The project included among other things engineering and design with an impressive 7,000 CAD drawings.

Titan-class vessel for offshore seismic exploration

The vessel’s exceptionally broad after-deck (a beam of 70 meters) is a result of its singular purpose: to safely and efficiently explore the sub-surface for hidden oil and gas deposits. The vessel’s 22 MW-power and its unusually wide beam set new standards in exploration efficiency, since the two separate deck levels at the stern will enable an unprecedented 24 streamers to be towed simultaneously.

GS-Hydro brings non-welded to Japan

The first of the new Ramform Titan-class vessels represents a milestone for GS-Hydro. The ship is the first largescale implementation of a non-welded piping solution at a Japanese shipyard. The ship owner and operator, Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, set demanding specifications for the high-pressure piping systems for the water and air systems, and especially for the hydraulic piping on the winches. These demanding specifications could best be met by non-welded piping solutions.

After winning the construction tender, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. selected GS-Hydro for the challenging project. As well as having a wealth of experience in equipping seismic vessels, GS-Hydro was best able to handle the design and engineering challenges posed by the new vessel’s stringent requirements. Importantly, GS-Hydro was uniquely able to demonstrate its ability to train the yard’s fitters on non-welded technologies and provide project management as well as on-site work supervision.